The Street Child Project offers internships that last anywhere between 2-6 months in the United States and Uganda. For internships, we accept volunteers who are serving individually or as couples. We also offer opportunities for volunteers to travel in small teams of 12 or less who generally serve between 2-3 weeks at a time. We work with volunteers of all ages in a variety of capacities and offer internship opportunities to university students interested in serving with us long-term. For those volunteers interested in serving prior to or in lieu of traveling to Uganda, we also offer part-time volunteer and intern positions at our Stateside office in Charlotte, North Carolina. All volunteers are required to complete a volunteer application before serving with us and are subject to a background check.

For volunteers and interns interested in serving in Uganda, we recommend that you visit and read our FAQ page before contacting us with questions. Questions not addressed on the FAQ page may be directed to [email protected].

There are separate applications for volunteering in Uganda and in the States with The Street Child Project. Prospective volunteers interested in either position may download the following Volunteer Applications. Once completed, submit all forms to [email protected].

SCP Uganda Volunteer

SCP Stateside Volunteer

We also welcome part time volunteers who commit several days a week to serve with us. If you are already in Uganda and would be interested in volunteering at our restoration home, please fill out the following form and submit it to [email protected].

SCP In-Country Volunteer
Volunteering with The Street Child Project is the best way to become a part of our community. Our organization began when two volunteer teams, one Ugandan and the other American, decided to embark upon an incredible journey. Since then, we have trained, equipped and hosted hundreds of volunteers from both countries to serve children living on the streets of Uganda. Many of our volunteers have become integral parts of our community and continue to serve us as prayer supporters, donors, staff and board members. We deeply value our volunteers and seek to build long-term relationships with them as they learn to serve in the States or overseas. Scroll down to hear what some of our former volunteers and interns have to say about their experiences with us:

“It has been such a privilege to personally witness the growth in these boys over the years. They are becoming men of God, passionate about serving him and serving others. Isaiah 61 says, “They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor. They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations…Their descendants will be known among the nations and their offspring among the peoples. All who see them will acknowledge that they are a people the Lord has blessed.” I am so humbled by their compassion and selflessness. Whether we’re studying the word or dancing around the room, it is a joy to be a part of a family that the Lord has blessed. I love and miss them dearly when I am not home in Uganda. “
- Tatiana Wilson, Harvard University

“We read the letters in class yesterday, and some of my students were moved to tears. Your boys are so inspiring, and they should be proud to know that they are changing lives in the United States. Your boys have inspired not just one student, but whole classes of students to change the way they think about and view the world. The honesty and sincerity in the letters touched my students.”
- Keith Marwitz, Teacher, Northeast Middle School

“The experience of taking my love for art to the street children of Uganda was a dream come true. As an art teacher, I stress drawing what the artist really sees in front of him instead of what he thinks he sees. It was extremely satisfying to see the boys’ pride in accomplishing this artistic challenge.”
- Eva Crawford, Teacher, Charlotte Christian School

“The boys’ presence gives me a sense of peace and strength; it is both contagious and inspiring. Finally meeting them after many months of prayer has been an honor. Their unique laughs will echo in my mind until we meet again.”
- Taylor Bailey, Loyola University New Orleans

“It’s wonderful being in this completely different culture, where my skin has permanently taken on a dirt hue and electricity seems to be an unexpected convenience. However, finding myself in the pitch dark taking an icy shower has been humbling, but not simply in the way that you suddenly appreciate everything you have back home, but rather in the way you find yourself asking “Why do I have all the things that I have in the first place?” For me, the trip has raised questions about how I feel entitled to my possessions and what it means to sacrifice. Why should we ever feel the need to keep anything we have if it’s not really ours to begin with? These boys love and serve better than anyone I know back home and they have virtually nothing. They used to be thieves, but now the only thing they steal is your heart immediately upon meeting them.”
- Kate Ritchie, University of Georgia

“Before coming to Uganda, having my family, a few close friends, and waving hello to my neighbors seemed to be all the human interaction necessary for my individualistic American life. After only a week of interacting with the boys at The Street Child Project, it’s inspiring to see them selflessly helping each other, being artistic together, laughing together (and at each other), playing games together, and even dancing together. It brings to reality the importance and immense joy of being a part of a community. As they refine family, it is awesome to see that no matter who they were, or thought they were, now, they all contribute and are essential to their community. Their love for one another within their community is infectious and is something I’ll definitely be seeking once I return home.”
- Stephanie Perez, Wellesley College

“This trip to Uganda has been all I could hope for and truly part of God’s plan. I will never forget and always will cherish the boys.”
- Tina Hannegraaf, Charlotte Christian School

“It has been really refreshing to be here in Uganda, not worrying about many of the things that usually weigh me down. Here there is a much bigger focus on community and people without many of the distractions that we face in the United States. It’s definitely not perfect, just as the United States isn’t perfect, but I have a great appreciation for this culture and have learned a lot from the people I have met. I have really enjoyed talking to people who see the world through a different perspective. God has been doing great things here in Uganda and it has been really encouraging to see how he has worked though just normal people to help change the lives of these boys who had formerly lived on the streets.”
- Jonathan Shealy, University of Georgia

“It’s been amazing to see how the boys have changed since the project began a year and a half ago. I love being back and seeing God’s hand in The Street Child Project as it continues to grow.”
- Amelia Neal, Westmont College

“Being in Uganda has been an amazing experience! Each day shows us something new. It has been a real blessing to work alongside local volunteers who show genuine commitment to God and the people they are serving through Him. I have loved that our focus has been learning (about the culture, poverty, successful programs, etc.) while supporting the efforts of the Ugandan people. This trip has taught me about service in a way that is completely new. It has also been wonderful to be a part of the change that has been going on there at The Street Child Project. The boys have formed a community with one another and are constantly laughing, smiling, and joking with us. This is an amazing change from who the boys were on the streets just two years ago. This change is something that can only be attributed to Christ.”
- Joe Black, University of Georgia

“I’ve been having an amazing experience here in Uganda. I feel that I’ve adapted well to the culture and that I’ve made some strong connections with the Ugandan staff. I’ve also come to really care for the boys here and I hope that I’m making a lasting, positive impact in their lives both through our relationships and through helping some of them in math and science.”
- Jake Younts, Charlotte Christian School

“My expectations were shattered once I reunited with the boys after a year and a half. Last time they were very closed off and would fight everyday, but now they radiate joy and contentment. What a beautiful thing to witness! Mukama yebazibwe.”
- Meredith Haake, North Carolina State University

“I have loved my time in Uganda so far. Meeting the boys at The Street Child Project has been a wonderful reminder of God’s power to change hearts and lives. Knowing that these boys were living, fighting, and begging on the streets just a couple years ago, and seeing them now drumming, singing, dancing and talking about the Bible and the way God has changed their lives is so amazing. It is so easy in America, especially in the South, to say I am a Christian, go to church, maybe even be a part of a couple ministries, and for Christianity to mean nothing more than those things. It is so easy to claim Christianity, but not truly to let God have power over my life. Here, however, that doesn’t seem to be so much of an issue. Why would you say you are a Christian unless you are seriously and completely committed to and changed by Christ? Seeing how true and genuine these boys’ faith is and seeing how Christians here really do fully rely on God with the little that they have has been very humbling and eye opening. Singing and playing with the boys reminds me every day of God’s immense power and encourages me to try and embrace the Holy Spirit and let Him actually change me and the foundation I rely on.”
- Lauren Parr, University of Georgia
If you are interested in supporting The Street Child Project, we would love to have you join our stateside fundraising team. Our volunteers hold fundraisers of all types and sizes throughout the year, and every single penny helps. In addition to providing for our ordinary operating expenses, you can help us complete projects that need funding. One amazing volunteer raised $15,000 for the purchase of a van, which has been an ongoing blessing for the boys in our home.
Over the years, we have received regular and critical support from a number of churches in the U.S. If you are a church leader interested in supporting our staff or partnering with our organization, please email [email protected].