Cindy Schmelter
Executive Director

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Mandi McLeod
Director of Development

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Eric Kawanguzi
In-Country Director and Teacher

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Fred Kyakuwa
House Manager

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Diana Nankwanga
Social Worker

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Day Guard

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Mary Melima

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Scoobie and Frabbie
Guard Dogs

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Andrew Haupt
Web Developer/Designer

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x Cindy Schmelter
Cindy has been involved with The Street Child Project for many years, previously serving in various roles including child advocacy and development. She travels regularly to Uganda and resides in San Diego, California with her family including her husband Gerry and two children, Alexandra, and Will. In addition to her responsibilities as Executive Director, Cindy is responsible for keeping the children in our Ugandan home laughing much of the time. The Street Child Project is a family commitment for the Schmelters, as Gerry serves on the Board of Directors, Alexandra helps with social media content, and Will has done mission work for us in Uganda.
x Mandi McLeod
Mandi was born in California and currently lives in New York. She started ProjectTeach in 2014, an organization that provides school supplies for Ugandan children who would otherwise be left out of school due to not having basic supplies, such as paper and pens. Since April of 2013, Mandi has spent a total of ten months in Uganda. After falling in love with the Ugandan people and culture during her first trip, she hopes to visit at least twice a year.
x Eric Magino
Eric graduated from Makerere University with a degree in secondary education and has worked with The Street Child Project since its founding. In 2009, Eric launched the Home School Project, a remedial education program designed to provide in-home tutoring and academic support to children who were severely behind their peers. In addition, Eric also acts as a full-time house parent in our restoration home by disciplining and mentoring the boys in our care.
x Fred Kyakuwa
Fred graduated from Makerere University with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and is an original member of The Street Child Project team. In the past, Fred has used his expertise to serve in the role of Sustainability Coordinator, but today he works full-time in our residential program. As the House Manager of our restoration home, Fred serves in a number of areas, including homeschooling, rehabilitation and discipleship.
x Diana Nankwanga
Diana joined our organization in July 2012 as a social worker. Her work includes counseling and home tracing the boys in our care as well as dealing with government officials in our district.
x Jessica
Jessica has worked with The Street Child Project as a day guard for the past year and continues to be one of our most faithful employees. In addition to providing security support for our restoration home, she helps out around the compound to make sure our yard is beautiful.
x Mary Melima
Mary joined our organization in July 2013 as a second cook for our restoration center on Sundays. In addition to preparing meals, she always keeps things running smoothly and her presence is gladly welcomed on weekends.
x Scoobie and Frabbie
Scoobie and Frabbie have been protecting our compound since 2012 when they were just puppies. They are friendly additions to the family yet never fail to take their job seriously.
x Andrew Haupt
Andrew is a native of San Diego and a graduate of UCLA where he earned a degree in Physiological Sciences. Today, Andrew resides in Portland, Oregon where he works as a web developer and designer.