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x I want to volunteer in Uganda
What will I be doing in Uganda?
Volunteers, whether traveling alone or as a member of a team, are responsible for organizing activities to do with the children in our care. The children in our restoration home are ages 8-18 and the activities should be age-appropriate.

What activities have volunteers led in the past?
Some past activities include projects related to photography and photojournalism, theatre, screenwriting, film production, creative writing, visual arts, dance, sports, occupational therapy, games and self-defense. Projects should be fun, creative and educational.

Where will I stay?
Volunteers will be given the option to stay at one of the two hostels located closest to our restoration center.

What support will The Street Child Project provide for me as I plan for my trip?
Everyone who volunteers with us in Uganda will receive pre-trip training, in-country orientation and post-trip debriefing.

How much does it cost to volunteer in Uganda?
$3,000 is the base price of most trips, including airfare. Your trip will cost more if you need a passport and/or current shots.

How long can I serve with you?
Individuals or couples typically volunteer with us for 2-6 months, while organized volunteer trips last 2-3 weeks.

Will I be working with volunteers in-country?
Depending on the time of year, you may be our only volunteer or one of a few (2-3) volunteers.

Is a passport required?
Yes. Traveling outside the United States requires an up-to-date Passport.

Which vaccinations are required?
Depending on where you have traveled in the past, everyone’s vaccination requirements will differ, though Yellow Fever vaccine is required for all those who have yet to receive it. The Street Child Project recommends scheduling a consultation with Passport Health to review your individual case and provide the travel vaccinations necessary for your trip. We highly recommend you consult with your family doctor in addition to Passport Health three-six months before your trip.

Is there an age requirement to volunteer?
We welcome volunteers of all ages to work with us in Uganda or the United States. For those intending to travel to Uganda from the United States, middle school students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in order to volunteer. High school students do not require parental supervision, but may only travel to Uganda if chaperoned on a church or school-sponsored trip. College students, recent graduates or professionals are welcome as volunteer interns individually or in small teams.

How do I sign up to volunteer in Uganda?
After you have read the information on the website, including the FAQ page, email [email protected] to request a volunteer application.

Who is selected to volunteer?
Prospective volunteers are required to complete a volunteer application and email it to [email protected], regardless if they want to volunteer in Uganda or the United States. Applications will be followed up with a phone or in-person interview, depending on the applicant’s location, and will be subject to a mandatory background check. Unfortunately, volunteer space is limited in Uganda, so we must be highly selective as we review applications.

I’m a teacher/church leader and I want to organize a trip for my students/congregation. What should be my first step?
After you’ve decided that you want to work with our organization, complete a Volunteer Interest Form. From there, our staff will contact you to schedule a preliminary phone conversation or in-person meeting to discuss the size of group you are interested in bringing (maximum of 12), how long you wish to volunteer, your goals for organizing your team and your trip vision. It we determine that our organization is a good fit for you, and vice versa, we will develop a plan of action for your team. Please note that all volunteer teams will be required to complete training with our staff prior to leaving for Uganda. We recommend that teams contact us to beginning planning their trip no less than 9 months prior to their preferred departure date.

Is volunteering in Uganda safe?
Uganda is a developing nation and we often find ourselves in unpredictable circumstances that threaten our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. While God has protected our volunteers, staff and children in extraordinary ways over the past four years, we cannot guarantee your health, safety or comfort while you are serving alongside us in Uganda.
x I want to volunteer in the United States
What do ‘stateside’ volunteers do?
Stateside volunteers may be involved in a number of areas, including fundraising, publicity, donor relations, volunteer coordination and marketing for the SOW collection.

Will my volunteering really make an impact?
Absolutely! Whether you take a moment to retweet us for your friends or help us organize a fundraiser, every moment you spend serving has invaluable impact. We appreciate every form of service and support!

Can I get high school or college credit?
Typically, yes, though credit approval is ultimately determined by your high school or university.
x I am considering making a donation
Are you a tax-exempt organization?
Yes, we are a charity registered with the state of North Carolina and a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

Where is my money most needed?
Currently, we are in need of monthly sponsors so we can get more children off the streets and in school and into a loving, supportive environment. Our long-term plan for larger donors is to raise enough money to purchase our own property where we can house many more boys and, for the first time, girls.

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What’s the best way make a donation?
One-time donors can mail a check to The Street Child Project at P.O. Box 503316, San Diego, CA 92150, and regular contributors can set-up direct deposit through their bank’s “Bill Pay” program.
Donors may also give through Paypal (click the 'Donate' button above) or by credit card on our donate page. The Street Child Project receives 97% of your contribution using these methods.
x I want to work for the Street Child Project
Do you have any job openings?
The Street Child Project does not currently have any openings for paid staff members, however we are always looking for volunteers and interns. Please visit our Volunteer page for more information.

What experience is required to work with you?
We take volunteers of all ages with all levels of experience. We will work hard to assess what you want to learn and how you hope to grow through working with us and match you with an area of our organization where your interest and skill set might best suit our needs.